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10th NTRCA Exam Result 2014 |

10th NTRCA Exam Result 2014 or 9th Teachers’ Registration Exam Result 2014 by will be found here. NTRCA means Non-government teachers’ registration & Certification Authority. 10th Teachers’ Registration Examination will be taken by NTRC for two level on two separate days. The exam for school level held on May 30, 2014 & the exam for college level held on May 31, 2014. The exam was taken for 200 marks. 100 mark is for compulsory subject and another 100 marks for optional subject. Now it is the time for 10th Teachers’ Registration Exam Result to publish.

undefined Click Here For 10th Teachers’ Registration Exam Circular 

When Will 10th NTRCA Exam Result 2014 Be Published?

8th Teachers’ Registration Exam held on August and the result published on November 2012. 9th Teachers’ Registration Exam held on August and the result published on November 2013. 10th Teachers’ Registration Exam will be held on the last of May 2014. So Data analysis says that 10th NTRCA Exam Result 2014 will be published most probably within September or October 2014.

Where Will You Get 10th NTRCA Exam Result?

10th Teachers’ Registration Exam Result 2014 will published in the official website 10th NTRCA Exam Result 2014 will be found here as an alternative source as soon as it publishes. Stay with to get 10th NTRCA Result 2014 as soon as possible.

Download 10th Teachers’ Registration Exam Result 2014 PDF Format

[Download link will be activated after publication of the result]

9th Teachers’ Registration Exam Question Solve

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Link 2# 9th Teachers’ Registration Exam Question Solve | College Level

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  1. md jebel hussain says:

    amar roll no 30446626 result ntrca 2013 paccina plz my mobile no 01717023280

  2. Ami bole grade point na leke division leke pelsi.akon ami ki korbo?

  3. I am very sorry.Because Bangladesh is out of Asia cup.

  4. s.m.deen amin says:

    amar 9th ntrca result jani na keo bolben please roll-33213458 name- s.m.deen amin

  5. Md. Abul Hassain Rumy says:

    I didn’t know my result of 9th ntrca. Roll no: 30619555
    How i get the result? Would someone help me.

  6. how to known result of non gov.teacher 9th bath.

  7. S.s.c-3.63. H.s.c-3.80. Honours-pass.ami ki nibondon dite parbo ?

  8. REZAUL HASAN says:

    I am Rezaul Hasan. What i can NTRCA Exam pass Please You give suggesion. Please Vaiya Please Vaiya . My Mobile no: 01723302712.

  9. mst.jesmin nahar says:

    amer roll no. 30101420,,,,please amer result ta bolen

  10. md. nurul amin says:

    certificate name is wrong’(Nuruzzamzn)’
    certificatename is Nuruzzaman

  11. 9th Teacher NTRCA er Certificate Koba paowa jaba? Resulter koto din por certificate dey?

  12. MD.AZIZUL HAQUE says:

    What is the benefit of passing NTRCA exam ? Where is the post to be employed ? So there is nothing to be happy .

  13. Amar nam abdul malek. Assistant moulabi ( islamic studies) amar roll no. 31423925. AMAR rejult jante /dekhte chai.

  14. ashadur rahman says:

    Alhamdulillah ami pass korechi.roll31303762

  15. kamrul hasan says:

    Apner Roll numberer aro 2 disite kothai

  16. shima rani biswas says:

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  17. md.suhel ahmad says:

    thank u allah,i am very happy.

  18. kumkum mostari says:

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  20. Many many Thank you allah

  21. Iftaker Ahmed says:

    Thanks to Allah, I am happy

  22. Thanks you NTRCA aj result diyeche.

  23. Khokon reasult ta hobe

  24. 9th Teachers’ Registration Exam 2013 pass hoba na kano

  25. Achombit Das says:

    Thanks for result!!!!!!

  26. Arif Asmer says:

    Vai,Md. Moheuddin apnar ta hoye gelo
    Passed for Assistant Teacher, Computer (Computer Education)
    Roll: 31329536
    Name: MD. MOHE UDDIN
    Father: MD. NURUL ISLAM

  27. palash mandal says:

    Ar Karo din wait kortay hobay result at jonno.

  28. 20th -30th November
    result wiil be published

  29. the result will be published within 23 instant.

  30. ki ja holo ntrca result . 9th result koba hoby?

  31. md. moniruzzaman says:

    result kono khobor pacc na

  32. Achombit Das says:

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  34. Ashadur Rahman says:

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  35. Bijoy krishna paul says:

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  36. when publish 9th ntrca resultill & when we gate it?

  37. Eta Bangladesh, tai kichui bola jayna, asa na korai valo, jokhon hobe hok.

  38. Result debar kutha 1 month por, kintu ajo holona. Atai ai deser system. I hate this system from the core of my heart.

    • It has not been stated by NTRCA that the result will be given after 1 month but NTRCA expects the result to be published within November.If we see the past four years’ result publication dates then we find that the difference between exam date and result publication date is about three months.

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  44. Altabur Rahman says:

    when the published 9th registration result. pls provide

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  46. MD. Firoz Hossain says:

    result kobe hobe?

  47. Delwar Hussain Sarker says:

    when publish 9th ntrca result?Roll 42216255

  48. mosiur rahman patowary says:

    when publish 9th ntrca result? its my exa.roll-31305267

  49. MOBIN ALAM HERO says:

    Pass korar system ki rokom mcq r kettre?Bangla,math,english ki alada alada vabe pass korte hoy na sob miliye 40 pele hoy?

    • According to the instructions stated in detailed circular given by NTRCA we need not pass separately in Bengali(25),Mathematics(25),English(25),General Knowledge(25).But candidates have to pass compulsory part(100) and optional part(100) individually.

  50. when publish 9th ntrca result? roll 30420500

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