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HSC Result 2016 Bangladesh |

HSC Result 2016 Bangladesh | HSC Examination 2016 written part has been completed on 2 June. HSC Result will be published towards the 1st week of August, 2016. This year more than 10 lakh candidates appeared at HSC examination. HSC Exam Result 2016 published  by Education Boards of Bangladesh will be found here.

HSC Result 2016 Bangladesh

HSC Result 2016 All Education Board Bangladesh

Bangladesh Education Board normally publishes any public examination result within 2 moths/60 days from the last written examination day. By analysing the records of previous few years we can see that education board is successfully maintaining this rule. From previous 2 years HSC Result is being published in the 1st half of August. Since there was no unusual political occurrence we hope that HSC Exam Result will be published timely.

HSC Result 2016 will be published on 18 August, 2016 – after 2:00 pm

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For Technical Education Board: HSC TEC 103774 2016 and Send it to 16222

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You will get full HSC Exam Result 2016 of a certain institute by “EIIN” number of that institute.

HSC Routine 2016 by Education Boards

HSC Exam Result 2016 All Education Boards Bangladesh 

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  1. Tnx
    routine ta 1dom perfect hoise.

  2. amader hisab biggan 2nd part + computer subject a minimum 5din bondo chai….pls change the routine

  3. I am really so happy! Excellent routine…..

  4. sir,
    Routine ta sottie khub sundor hoyaca. so , many many Thanks !!
    kintu amr prosno hocca bortoman desher j poristhiti ata amader o ki sukro soni bar a exam deta hoba..?? r jodi routine change hoy toba druto janaben plzz!!?

  5. Dear sir
    jodi apnar mone hoi routing ta perfect ta hole amra happy…
    By tha way amra kino ai routing a happy na coz onk golo exm r age basi gape diye disen ai gape golo student r preparation nosto kore…so jodi pare every Exam r por 1 din gape diye diye recently exam ta sesh korar jonno binoto vabe onorud kortasi…..

    good by
    please sir ai reasone ta valo kore vaiba decesion niben…

  6. Plz bio and math er age aro vacation chai. Plz sir change the routine…..

  7. Khub valo hoise amar jonno.

  8. math 2nd paper a aktu barano jay na , BDC,KURIGRAM

  9. we need gap before mathematics 2nd

  10. Biology 2nd,math2nd paper,physics 2nd paper…a minimum 3din kre gap deoa drker…specially bilogy&math 2nd paper……

  11. Can we get about 3 day’s leave before Staistics 1st & 2nd and also Accounting 1st & 2nd paper . Please

  12. sir statistics 2nd part er 1din por accounting 1st paper exam ache..but 1din e preparation neya we need at least 3-4 days gap..plz sir

  13. //Physics,Chemistry 1st paper a ato bondhor ki dorkar?Ei dutote bondho
    komia biology2nd, math2nd paper a bondho
    barano jete pare.//

  14. Assalamualaikum!

    There should be at least 2/3 days gap before Biology 2nd paper ,Maths 2nd paper,& chemistry 1st paper….. plzzzzzzz…… try to understand we r student … and HSC result can change our whole life! 3 subjects r very important for a science group student….. and each subjects result’s impact on our admission…. so please think about again of this routine…. plzzzzzzz…….

  15. management and economic exam same day.but two subject are my main subject

  16. Plz sir,Biology 2nd ,physic 2nd &Math 2nd part a bondo den.plz,try to understand our prblm

  17. agila ki routin ami bujte parteci na akane ..chamistry .. Nai .. Sociylozi

  18. awesome routine….. 🙂

  19. it’s best routine

  20. Very good for all.

  21. Sir It is great routine but physic 2nd,biology 2nd,math 2nd paper we need minimum 4 days vacation and bangla 2nd paper jonno ato vacation er dorkar nai just 2 days enough for bangla 2nd paper and english 1st and 2nd paper need 3 days vacation instead of 2nd days,then it,s make super routine,all is well

  22. sir please change the 2 exam…..biology 2nd paper and math 2nd paper

  23. Due to hartal the routine will be faced a violation and exam will be faced a collision.

  24. sir it’s a great routine…but we need at least 3 days gap before biology 1st & 2nd paper…

  25. bilogy 2 + higher math 2 + physic 2 er aage at least 3 days chi… plzzzzzz give us final routine.

  26. Where is final routine.


  28. Plz make sure at least three days vacation for preparation of Biology 2nd paper

  29. plz sir,,biology+Physics+Higher mathematics ar 2nd part ar age at least 3 days leave din..

  30. Today 15 feb. But where is the final routine ?

  31. Plzzzz……. sir give at least 3 days before biology 2nd & higher math 2nd..

  32. The leave before accounting first paper makes me unpleasant. You give seven days leave for this subject but those we have statistics subject we can get only one day leave. Please sir grant us at least three days leave before this subject. Please sir. All others are okay!!

  33. Respected sir please give us minimum three days leave before Accounting first give seven days leave before this subject. But Those we have statistics subject we can get only one day leave before this subject. You should change this subjects place. Please sir change this subject only and keep all others same

  34. bilogy 2nd & math 2nd ar age at least 3 din chai…

  35. Our routine is great,but we only want minimum 3 days before Biology 2nd & Higher math 2nd,otherwise we can’t revise these subjects properly.plzzzzzzzz

  36. what is this??????? Management & Economics are same day!!!!!!!!!

  37. please…. give minimum 3 days for higher math 2nd, biology 2nd & physic 2nd..plzzzzz, sir.

    1. nafis jahan ……….kno problem hole,,,,routune change hote pare……somvabvo routune

  38. we want minimum 3 days before biology 2nd & higher math 2nd. plzzzzzzzzzz… change this routine.

  39. we want minimum 3 days before biology 2nd & higher math 2nd exam..Plzzzzzzzzzzzz…. try to understand our problem.

    1. no sharmin….its a finale routune but kno problem hole routune change hove

  40. math2 +biology 2 er age gap aro chai.

  41. please change this routine’s date.Because Managment and Economic are my main subject…..

  42. Managment and Economic exam aakoei din a hoy kibabe?

  43. Math er age aro vacation chai..bangla 2nd paper er age atto chuti dorkar nei

  44. Ki shanti dawnload hoye gelo.

  45. Just a big big thanks ……………..

  46. Just a big big thanks …………

  47. routine a akta somossa ase ! Jader 277 & 278 sub ase & 109 &110 ase tara ki korbe

  48. I am a student of class 12

  49. we want 4 or 5 days gap before biology 2nd paper and math 2nd paper plz

  50. m dissatisfied to see this routine.. The gap between stat 1st, 2nd paper and accounting 1st paper saddens me 🙁

  51. I’m so happy for ur hsc routine.

  52. There should be at least 2/3 days gap before Biology 2nd paper and Maths 2nd paper, please.

  53. great routine but gap between 2 exams is so long.

  54. Download Hocce na keno ?

  55. I want Hsc exam routine

  56. I want H.S.C exam routine 2015.

  57. Many Many Thanks.Hope, all notice of hsc will get here up to date.

  58. I am a student of class eleventh and twe

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