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Jahangirnagar University Admission 2014-15 Notice Of All Units, Jahangirnagar University Admission 2014-15 Seat Plan & Jahangirnagar University Admission Result 2014-15 of all units will be found here. Jahangirnagar University Honours first year admission test for undergraduate students for the session 2014-14 will be started from 17 September 2014  . Admission test of JU will continue up to 25 September 2014. Admission test of different units will be held on separate day.

Important Time Line For Jahangirnagar University Admission 2014-15

  • Online Application Starting Date: 17 August 2014
  • Online Application End Date: 31 August 2014
  • JU Admission Test Will Start From: 17 September 2014
  • JU Admission Test Will End On : 25 September 2014

tick Jahangirnagar University Admission Result 2014-15

A[Mathematical & Physical Sciences] Unit JU Admission Test Result 2014 

B [Social Science] Unit JU Admission Test Result 2014 New

H [Institute Of Information Technology] Unit JU Admission Test Result 2014 New

C[Arts & Humanities] Unit JU Admission Test Result 2014

D [Biological Science] Unit JU Admission Test Result 2014

E [Business Studies] Unit JU Admission Test Result 2014

F [Law] Unit JU Admission Test Result 2014

G [Institute Of Business Administration] Unit JU Admission Test Result 2014

SMS Method To Get Jahangirnagar University Admission Result 2014-15

JU<Space>R<Space>Roll No and Send to 3690

Example: JU R 100001 and Send to 3690

NEW!  Download  Jahangirnagar University Admission Test Seat Plan 2014-15

Jahangirnagar University Admission Test Schedule & Routine 2014-15

Jahangirnagar University Admission Test Schedule

Jahangirnagar University Admission Notice 2014-1

Jahangirnagar University Admission Notice 2014-15

Download Jahangirnagar University Admission Notice 2014-15 PDF File 

The admission test result of all units of Jahangirnagar University will be updated here just after publication.

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  1. Mrittunjoy Biswas says:

    Why can we download admid card?

  2. Md Habibur Rahman says:


  3. c4 roll 3024192 result janaben plz plz plz……

  4. c4 roll3024192 result janaben plz

  5. sajjad hosain says:


  6. 3041972

  7. A1 result pai nai

  8. How Can get Viva Schedule for unit A7 ?

  9. Safwat Hossain says:

    Dear Abdullah Al-Amin Shohan,
    Can you one tell me how I can get the seat plan for my younger brother.

  10. is du’s bba better than ju’s iba??

  11. apnara sobai2 dktec eresponsible mind er.sms,pin code ei jnnoi ase na.

  12. Hi Brother d unit ar sub wise mark ta janaben…..

  13. chowdhury mohammad imran says:

    D2 and B2 ar jonno kun kun subject porte hove???

  14. ju A unit(chemistry) question a ki ki subject answer krte hbe?

  15. Dear brother Sohan,i have applied for c8 and d5.i understood that i have to read Bio,Bangla,English for d5 but couldn’t understand the pattern of c8.i wanna know which subjects are needed to study for students of science group??????kindly inform me please.i.a

  16. E2 And E4 er jonno question pattern kemon hobe? plz answer

  17. Shohedul Islam says:

    Sir, E1 er jonno Bangla english bada r ki ki subject porbo.

  18. ami e1,e2 te apply koreci. bangla,english and subject onusare je qustion hobe, sei subject gulur name jante chai. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz information ta taratari dile onek upokrito hobo.

  19. Junaed Ahmed says:

    ami amr user id ta r password er sms ta vule delete kore felsi.akhn id r password ta kivabe pabo….plzz kindly kao parle aktu help koren

  20. Amar Message delete hoyasa. Pin number janina. Ki korbo

  21. Syeda Myasha Tull Jannat says:

    ami form joma diyechi, kintu ekhono kono msg ashenai. ami kivabe admit card pabo?

  22. I did apply dated 05/11/2013 7 pm, got pin sms & sent YesPINmobile……but still no amount was cut & didnt get any sms with ID & Password. do U have any news..???

  23. Ami e1,e2 te apply korechi…. photo & signature upload diyechi kintu ami Admit Card download hocche na…. please vaia taratari kichu bolen

  24. Didarul Alam says:

    ami ju yes 40616420 01727014621 pathaisi bt conferm hotse na.

  25. vai ekhno to user id r password dlo na and tk o kate nai

  26. amar id pasward akhono janano hoy nai plz janan admid tolar last date koba jana la valo hoy

  27. Whats the group wise sub of E1 E2. Please reply to me my mail ID.

  28. photo and signature upload korar por abr log in page show kortese.akhn ami ki korbo? photo and signature upload deyar last date koba kindly janaben ki? plz…..

  29. I am here regular but never leave any coment .Now I have to do it as I need help about JU admission system . If I apply for E unit as a commerce student then I have to apply E1 E2 E3 E4 .But I send for E1 E2 then I get only pin not ID so I think I should not send for E3 E4 .Please suggest with reply to me my mail ID.

  30. Via pin no die yes korlam kintu kono reply pacchina keno???????????????

  31. amar o to same obosta ki korbo

  32. ami JU te aj sondhae apply korlam but amr usser id and password ekhono janano hoe nai…….apnader kase kono information thakle pls help me

  33. shahnaj hanif sheetal says:

    ami gotokal raat a apply krsi…ajk sokal a pin nmbr dise…thn yse likhe msg snd krsi….akhno ID nd passwrd pacchi nah….12 tr age na ashle ki amr frm fill up hbe nah!!!!!…..plz infrm me…um vry tnsd……..:(

  34. admit download er last date kobe????????

  35. plz hlp me..shokale msg disi ekn porjonto id n password pai ni..r o 3bar try korci..xam ta ki dite parbo naki parbo na…


  37. mushfique khan says:

    plz hlp for admission..am applied from teletalk no.after I get a pin no bt wen I rply it I didn’ t get a confirmation sms n id n pass….how can I get it?????

  38. password r id to astese na…ekhn ki korbo?

  39. Admit card download er option ta pacchi na kano?

  40. JU te kono QOUTA acche ?? thakle kivabe apply korte hobe ?? Plz need help !!

  41. assalamu alaiqum, ami science er student. c1 unit e exam dite chacchi! science er student der jonne question pattern ta kemon hobe? mane ki subject pore exam er jonne preparation nibo kindly bolben ki? it will really help me..

  42. D unit er exam kon kon subject er upor hobe?

  43. A1,A7,C7+D Er prethok prethok unit er jonno ki ki subject er upor exam hoba.

  44. MD MAINUDDIN says:

    kon unit er exam kobe ata bole dile valo hoto na?

  45. jahangir nogor a ki quota ace???thakle ki ki quota???ans korle khub upokrito hobo???plz plz plz

  46. Can a student of Sec having Math apply for E Unit?

  47. e unit er exam koto marks er hobe

  48. ju c4,c9 ar question pattern kemo hobe?

  49. Milon Ahmed says:

    E, F & G chada mone hoi sob uniter exam banglai hobe.

  50. Thanks…

  51. amr exam roll haraia gece keu ki bolben
    ame ki korum

    • aponi net in hoye aponar provesh protro download korte paren.tobe aponi bolen nai admission roll haireachen naki ssc or hsc roll haireachen ta kintu bolen ni

  52. vai, amar image & signature upload mistake hoe geche. ekhon ki kora ? plz janaben ki ?

    • Image or signature upload-a mistake hole wrong admit card o 1 copy image nie jahangirnagar university-er register office-a (Agrani Bank-er pore) giye deputy registrar borabor application korte hobe.

  53. Ju te bangla te xm ta kon units a hoi? Keo ki bolbe pls? R ki subj niya hobe?

  54. MD. SAIDUL ISLAM says:

    Ami C3,C4,C6,C8,F unit er jonno apply korchi. Amr C unit er confirm sms asche but F unit er sms ta ordhek asche. Tai ami password paitesi na. Taka o katche. Ekhon ami ki korbo. Pls ans me !!

  55. A unit nd D unit e ki ki subjct er upr xm hobe????????

  56. d1,d2,d3 exam ki ki subject er upor hobe???????????????????????????

    and others also…….. plzzzzzzzzzzz……….

  57. admit card pabo ki vaba??r photo uplod dayar bisoyta bujlamna….plz bolban

    • apni pohotoshoper kaz janle aponi nije ta kote parben tha na hole bahirer kono photoshoper dokan hote shobi and sign kaz korte paren .

  58. vaia,ami E1,E2 te sms korlam tokhon pin no dilo.kintu cofirm sms dilam kono reply(mane user id ba password dey ni.taka o kate ni) akhon ami ki korbo?.ai varsity te ki quota option puron kora lage na?/

    • Vaiaa.. amr’o same problem hoise… pin_no.’r sms ashse.. bt password nd user ID’r sms ashe nai.. nd tk’o kate nai.. ami confuzd.. :/ form fill up ki hoise..!!?

  59. How to download Admit Card when give the download option pls send me


  60. Samir Samadder says:

    We are worried about the unit wise exam schedule of JU which is yet to publish. Why so late?

  61. I applied for C unit by sms via taletalk sim. On return sms I received user ID & Password. As per Admission notice I am trying to up load my photo & signature but I can’t. Would you pl advise me to up load photo & signature and to get admitcard?


    unite onujaye ason songkha janano jabe ki???????????

  63. Ami e1 er jonno apply koreci kintu amar username o password er sms tai *some text missing* leka esece ekon ami usernam r password kivabe pabo pls janan

  64. E1 ar exam date and time ta bolen na

  65. Probably when admit card downloading process going to start??

  66. Polash Khan says:

    B1 Unit Which Type of Q.S may be come in Exam\\\\PlZ tell my Email

  67. D unit theke mot koyta application kora jabe

  68. Shohag shorif says:

    Porikha ki jotha shomoye hobe?

  69. How many seat is available for E1, E2, E3 & E4 Unit???

    • @Admin vya

      ami E unit ar E1 E2 E3 E4 por por 4 ta tai apply korsi but ami jokhon E1 a apply korlam tokhon E1 ar user id nd password ashe nai but tk katse,,,aktu pore E2 ar ta korlam tokhon E2 ar user id nd password ar sms ashche.ar por E3 ar ta korlam user id nd password ar sms ashenai but tk katse,,E4 ar ta korlaam then E4 ar user id nd password ar sms ashche….

      now USER ID nd PASSWORD aktai but E1 nd E3 ar user id nd password ar sms ashlona keno ???? akhon ami bujhtesina j amar E1 nd E3 ar form fill up hoise ki na ???? plz reply den

  70. c1 unit a ,science ,arse,comerce er student der jonno separately question kora hobe??

  71. somoita ki r aktu barano jaina

  72. d Unit er exam ki akdi ne hobe ?

  73. d unit er sokol exam ki akdine hobe

  74. D Unit er all exam ki akdine hobe ?

  75. Somoy aro barate hobeeeee

  76. Somoy aro barate Hobeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  77. shanzidur sharif says:

    unit wise date will be helpfull to us.

  78. Jahangirnagar uni er admit card kobe & kon link e dibe?

  79. Rubel hossain says:

    sms Maddome Sara JU obesite giey Apply or from flap kora jabe na ?

  80. when we get ju circular?

  81. Jahangirnagar university ar admission notice kobe deba?

  82. circular kotai pabo

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