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JSC ReScrutiny Result 2015 | Education Board Bangladesh

JSC ReScrutiny Result 2015 | How To Recheck JSC Result 2015-Education Board Bangladesh. Junior School Certificate (JSC) & Junior Dakhil Certificate (JDC) exam result has been published today  on 30 December, 2015. The average pass rate in all boards of JSC & JDC exam is 90.43%. Majority of the students have done well. But some of the students couldn’t get their desired result. Education Board Bangladesh has introduced ReScrutiny/re-check process for them to recheck their result. The ReScrutiny process is also known as “Board Challenge” or “Khata Challenge” method.

JSC ReScrutiny Result 2015

JSC ReScrutiny Result 2015 Dhaka BoardNew

JSC Recheck Result 2015 Rajshahi BoardNew

JSC ReScrutiny Result 2015 Chittagong BoardNew

JSC Recheck Result 2015 Jessore BoardNew

JSC ReScrutiny Result 2015 Comilla BoardNew

JSC ReScrutiny Result 2015 Sylhet BoardNew

JSC Recheck Result 2015 Barishal BoardNew

JSC Recheck Result 2015 Dinajpur BoardNew

JDC ReScrutiny Result 2015 Madrasa BoardNew

JSC Result ReScrutiny Process 2015 Is Going on

JSC Result ReScrutiny Process 2015 Time Line: JSC/JDC Result ReScrutiny program starts from 31 December 2015 & will be continued upto 11:59 pm of 06 January 2015.

JSC Result ReScrutiny Process 2015: SMS Method

First Message

RSC<space>First Three Letter of Board Name<space>Roll No<Space>Subject Code and send to 16222

For General Education Board: RSC<>space>DHA<space>10345<space>123 and send to 16222

For Madrasa Board: RSC<>space>Mad<space>15345<space>123 and send to 16222

Second Message

In reply you will get an SMS which will let you know how much application money will be charged and a PIN number will be given to you through SMS for confirmation.

If you agree to give TK. 125, Go to message option and type

RSC<space>YES<space>PIN number<space>Contact Number” and send to 16222

E.g. RSC<space>YES<space>654321<space>01710000000” and send to 16222 Those subject has two papers (e.g. Bangla and English) application will be under the one subject code. For Bangla 101 and English 107 the application fee will be charged TK. 250

  • You can apply for more than one subject in an SMS, subject codes will be divided by comma (,).
  • The Important factor of second message is the Contact Number is very essential here. Result or Further Information will be sent to the contact number of the above procedure.

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  1. When will jsc board challange result publish and how can we check the result ?please tell us.

  2. jsc recheck er result dakbo kivabe a

  3. 2015 ar jsc rechack result
    kokon diba,,,plz akto bolben

  4. Jsc board challenge ar result ki vabe pabo

  5. vaia amar jsc re check result 2015 ke contact number e massage asbe .grade change holo ke na

  6. Result ta dekhbo kivabe? —118998

  7. apply korar last date kobe?

  8. psc khata challenge kevabay korbo?

  9. ami jodi amar khata challenge kori tahole ki amar A+ asbe jodi A grade thake.

  10. vay, result ki sms e pathay na??
    amito Chittagong er 150162 roll er recheck apply koreci. but result e roll payni.

  11. Amr nephew er jnwo JSC rescrutiny er jnwo sofal vabay apply korcilam, but or Roll number Jai Ashlo na, aita tho bujhlam na, or result same or change ja hobe tar akta result tho pavo tai na?

    1. Recheck korar por GPA change na hole result ager tai thakbe.

  12. jscboard challenge result khokon dibe

      1. Vai result SMS miss korlr ki korbo?

    1. Jsc khata challenge result 2014 roll:193803

      1. Jsc khata challenge result 2014 roll:193803

  13. When is the result of challenge ?

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